VIDEO: Youths damage police van in Mayfield rampage

SMASHED: A discarded pram is used to smash a window on the parked police van at Mayfield on Saturday night. Officers were able to identify some suspects and make arrests. Pictures: Supplied.IT was Newcastle’s own chapter of William Golding’s masterpiece about young men falling into a state of anarchy.

Long-time Stagand Hunter publican Aaron Hogg saidhe was at a loss to explain thebehaviour of a group of out-of-control teens any other way after they smashed windows and kicked in panels of a police van and yelled obscenities at officers.

The youths are believed to have emerged from a house party in a nearby Mayfield street just before midnight on Saturday before unleashing their fury on the parked van as officers were away dealing with other unruly behaviour.

WARNING: Explicit languageA video shot by a witness on a smart phone shows several young men kicking and lashing out at the van, with several of them usinga discarded pram as a missilebefore it eventually smashes a large side window.

They run into the middle of Hanbury Street and Maitland Road, wildly congratulate each other and repeatedly yell “f— the police” before returning for some more flying kicks.

They even grab the pram for a second round, trying desperately to smashed the driver’s side front window before taking off again.

Mr Hogg said he could only compare it to scenes in William Golding’s 1954 novel Lord Of The Flies, about a group of British boys who fail to govern themselves on a deserted island.

“I have been here 13 years and have seen plenty, but this was just anarchy,’’ Mr Hogg said.

“There was probably about half a dozen of them, maybe a dozen at times, all having their own little Lord of the Flies moment.

“Nobody was wantingto belt anyone else, it was all just a big parade to show their disdain to the coppers.

“It was a complete disrespect for any sort of authority that I have neverseen before. It was extraordinary.’’

But the anarchy was restored when officers returned to their car and surveyed the damage.

KICKED: The vision shows several suspects kicking panels of the van as others encourage them while officers are busy dealing with a party.

A police statement said the officerssaw four people running east along Maitland Road and started tochase the suspects on foot.

Four teenage boys were arrested and taken to Newcastle police station were they were questioned and charged.

Two 14-year-old boys,and one 16-year-old youth, werecharged with destroying or damagingproperty in company and granted conditional bail to appear at a children’s court on December 19.

DAMAGED: The footage shows several youths returning to the parked van a couple of times to continue the rampage.

The fourth boy, a 16-year-old boy, was charged with destroying or damaging property in company and refused bail.

Investigations are continuing and any other witnesses are urged to contact police.

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