The Mehajer family’s latest diversion tactic involves balloons, babies and a party

Ibraham Sakalaki and Kat Mehajer married in August. Photo: Emilio B Photography & Mehajer Pty LtdIn a bid to become Australia’s answer to the Kardashians, the Mehajer family of Sydney’s western suburbs are instead resembling Jim Carrey at the height of his comedic fame. When the pressure from negative news gets too much, the knee jerk reaction is to pull on a happy mask and declare, “It’s party time!”

P.A.R.T why? Because they gotta.

Days after the parents of former Auburn deputy mayor Salim – Mohamad and Amal Mehajer – declared themselves bankrupt just hours before they were due in court over a $10 million tax debt, the Mehajers banded together over the weekend and staged a glittery smoke screen this time in the form of a baby announcement and sex reveal party.

Just three months after celebrating at a lavish wedding that made a Baz Luhrmann film look like a community repertory production, Khadijeh ‘Kat’ Mehajer and her husband Ibraham Sakalaki have announced they are expecting their first child sometime next year.

Instead of a cryptic social media post, a laLara and Sam Worthington, the couple shared the news by opening up Kat’s usually restricted Instagram account and hosting a “gender reveal” party.

Photos and videos thanking caterers and a dress boutique for providing the mother-to-be with an Alex Perry frock plastered the family’s social media platforms, all except brother and budding Halal certified toiletries entrepeneur Salim, who has deleted his account.

It’s been a busy few months for the couple, who, due to their Muslim faith only began spending time alone together after their marriage back in late August.

“1 + 1 = 3. We are pleased to announce Baby IKS2017,” the new Mrs Sakalaki posted to Instagram in late November, along with a photograph of her cradling a baby bump.

At Sunday’s function it was revealed they have conceived a child that will carry the XY chromosome.

“Whatever it is let’s not be upset,” Ibraham said before popping a balloon filled with blue confetti.

The couple were reluctant to comment when approached by Fairfax Media to discuss the baby news. Instead prefacing an interview with a written statement.

“Ibraham and I are happy to answer these questions so long that we are assured no negative stories/stigma is attached to our story,” Mehajer said.

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